Automotive industry

Automotive industry is the driving force behind automation, both on the European and global level. Following this trend is a challenge of its own. It requires constant learning and deploying latest equipment. This kind of access enables us to implement advanced automation in other areas and industries. We have a presence in major German brands, i.e. VW, Porsche, and Daimler.

Automation of production processes

The automation of production processes provides higher reliability and repeatability of processes, improved control over operation, effective error diagnostics, as well as maintenance support and higher quality products. Furthermore, it increases the production capacity and facilitates manual labour which leads to a relatively quick return on investment into the automation of these devices.

We are producing automatic assembly lines, robotic mounting cells, and dedicated machines for various technological operations in the production process of an end customer. Based on the customer’s requirements, we take care of the entire automation project, from design to production, programming, and commissioning.

Transportation systems and high-bay warehouses

The logistic systems within the production systems are the basis for achieving the desired production capacities. In the process of preparing a project solution, we focus on the environmental parameters – the space into which we can integrate our system and add the flexibility required at the operator level and control system level. The SCADA control systems enable precise analysis and monitoring, as well as issuing alarms at various levels. We create and document the acceptance procedures which are standardized within the customer’s company.

MES systems

Ensure full control over the production process.

The control systems are an indispensable part of intensive production, which requires constant monitoring and adapting to new requirements. It is also essential for the industry 4.0. Considering the customer’s requirements, we build a control system that will be connected to your ERP system to enable successful transfer of orders or work orders to the production level. Our production system splits the tasks according to individual production segments, optimizes the processes, and provides proper archiving of end product data. Statistical overview is the foundation for the technological optimization of processes.

Energy management

By analysing the energy consumption, fan, pump, heating, ventilation, and lighting control, we carry out the optimization of energy consumption. The control also includes acquiring the values that can be monitored and documented.

Upgrading machine safety

The existing installations that the customer has been maintaining and upgrading in their life cycles, still meet the production requirements and achieve the desired capacities. Due to the changing views on machine safety, we are poised to upgrade the safety of the existing installations to meet the requirements of this day and age. We carry out a risk analysis and build a safety concept. Afterwards, we prepare a technical solution and validate the interventions. By doing so we make sure that the criteria of the existing directives are met and that subsequent work on the installations is safe.

Production of dedicated machines

Our company engages in the development, design, and production of dedicated machines, devices, and technological lines in the field of work order automation. Every project is implemented according to the existing technologies and customer’s wishes, which means that our experience, innovation, and proven solutions are linked into a technological whole adapted to the requirements and wishes of our customers and their existing technologies.

The automation of the production lines and machines significantly improves the market competitiveness of our customers. SIPRA inženiring d.o.o., together with its partners provides the design and production of dedicated machines, devices, and technological lines according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. From the very beginning of the design phase, we strive to make maintenance as simple and low-cost as possible. The equipment that is built in meets the quality standards and is produced by prominent manufacturers.

The machines, devices, and technological lines are equipped with advanced control and monitoring systems, as well as displays to visualize the entire process. They can be used as stand-alone units or units that can be integrated into the existing or new production lines.

The projects that yield entirely new machines, devices, or technological lines, need to go through the design and various production phases before reaching the end product. In order to make sure that the customer is provided with a machine that ensures proper, safe, and quality operation, the following steps need to be carried out:

  • provide advice and plan the desired solutions,
  • make an overview and research the ideas and technologies according to the customer’s specifications,
  • in the development phase, plan the layout, individual components, and the machine as a whole (using simulations as needed) using CAD programs,
  • hardware with mechanical parts, hydraulics, and pneumatics,
  • electrical equipment with sensors, drive systems, and robots,
  • pick the electrical components and design the electrical enclosures, diagrams, wiring etc.,
  • assembly and testing of the devices and electronic components,
  • computer-aided control equipment and programming,
  • testing and potential troubleshooting,
  • drawing up documentation,
  • installation and commissioning,
  • servicing and maintenance.

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